Gallery of Awesome

Websites – Council, District

Council Website District Website
Tech: WordPress, WP Document Revisions, TablePress, DreamHost, responsive theming
Instances: Council, AB, CB, KV, YK

Websites – Specialty, Basic Hosting

Specialty Website Simple Hosting
Tech: As above
Instances: Commissioners, Tech, CH, CB

Council Calendar, Document Sharing

Council Calendar Document Sharing
Tech: Calendar integration, Google Docs for document sharing
Instances: Council Calendar

Pine Spills Newsletter, Mailing Lists

Pine Spills Mailing Lists
Tech: Vertical Response, Google Groups
Instances: Pine Spills newsletter, Mailing lists for AB, CB, YK

Registration Forms, Online Payments

FormStack PayPal
Tech: Formstack, PayPal for 501c3’s

Terms of Service, Tech Training

Terms of Use Tech Training

Links: Terms Acceptance form, Terms, Training

Remote Meeting Tools


Tech: GoToMeeting, Google Voice and G+ Hangouts

Other Technology

Custom Solutions

Have an unsolved tech problem within Pine Tree Council? Contact us — we are experts in vendor selection, workflow design, and tech integration.